The numbers speak for themselves!



The newly hired business developer in Copenhagen puts it simply: the numbers speak for themselves!


Martin Fredsgaard Andersen is newly employed as Business Development Manager at CCT Technology in the Danish capital

Shipping and software

The 31-year-old has eleven years of sales experience in shipping and software, and graduated from Copenhagen Business School in International Business. He is pleased that he now has the opportunity to work on what he describes as the world’s most refined and accurate technology.

 Seeks out the consumer

“Based on the Danish housing market, the results speak for themselves. The sale time of the home is significantly reduced because the ads themselves seek out the consumers, which also reinforces the brand of the brokers who use the CCT solution,” says Fredsgaard Andersen. He describes CCT technology as “groundbreaking”, or so-called “State of the Art”.

Automotive industry

“It is completely impossible to achieve such results in social channels without CCT technology, and it is an honour to be part of this company,” the 31-year-old continues. He looks forward to enticing other industries and major advertisers with CCT technology. Initially, he will work with the automotive industry.


Get passive in purchase mode

“The technology has demonstrated its strength in the housing market, and I will focus on the automotive industry. It’s about getting consumers to buy a car long before they actually thought of buying it. We are going to reach the potential buyers, not just the ones who have already decided. Those are only a small group of buyers, while the potential or passive buyers represent huge opportunities for the advertisers,” he says enthusiastically.

Artificial Intelligence

CCT is alone in its solution and is preferentially used by the largest broker chains in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“This is not a solution that can be shopped at a so-called Content Agency. Each ad is designed and customized to reach a target audience based on preferences. The solution is based on artificial intelligence, and no one can replace the power we get out of the fully automated process,” says Fredsgaard Andersen, adding:

Reform the Danish used car market

“This is a tool only the fewest advertisers know because we have focused on the housing market in different countries for the past five years. The effect is extreme and the solution scalable, and now we will renovate and reform the Danish used car market.” If you are curious or have questions, you can contact Martin directly on +45 4940 4689, email him [email protected] or visit our website: