The Enterprise Marketplace Distribution Platform (MDP) is a unique object-marketing solution that suits larger corporations in need of a customised solution. The Enterprise MDP fully integrates with ERP, CRM and other business systems for a seamless experience.

Integration to ERP

In addition to full integration with most ERP, CRM and other business systems, there are several advantages to an integrated setup using the CCT APIs:

  • Ensure full control of the data flows both ways
  • Facilitate efficient campaign creation, analytics, business intelligence, and extended machine learning
  • Advanced targeting module utilises a combination of channel data and customer data to pinpoint the most responsive recipients, all in real-time
  • A seamless user experience


Business intelligence

Reporting can be challenging as different stakeholders within a company have different needs. The Business Intelligence module offers customized real-time analytic reporting that’s adapted to specific needs.

Thousands of data points are collected in real time from multiple sources and presented in a meaningful way. This data is structured and presented to add valuable tactical and strategic insight.


Compliance Module

As part of the standard solution, all activities using the Enterprise MDP will be compliant with channel policies and all channel ad formats. Within the compliance module, active and passive channel surveillance monetizing can be set up. This can be achieved in three ways; using a central solution for a global enterprise; breaking down to a Country level with local monitoring, or even drilling down to individual office level.


Commercial Module

The Commercial module offers a range of white labelling and customization options that makes using the Enterprise MDP as seamless as possible. MDP offers a range of payment solutions, from automated invoicing to card payments, and from manual receipt download to integration with ERP systems for billing.