About CCT

CCT is a Scandinavian technology company founded in 2011 that has developed its own world leading proprietary technology that is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize ads, specialized towards the Real Estate and Automotive industry. The CCT development team consist of the best expertise in the field from more than 20 different nationalities. Currently at an early stage of its international roll-out, CCT has offices in 8 different countries and are delivering services in more than 20 countries.



For CCT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Lake, Augmented Analysis, Regression Modelling and Iteration Programming are at the core of CCT development and have been for several years.

This puts the MDP at the cutting edge of what’s achievable for precise targeting and real time business analytics. This is significantly important because today’s consumers expect commercial communication to be relevant, and if it is not, they regard it as junk or spam.

The second relevant consumer trend for the MDP, is the expectation of easier and better service. In practice this means consumers want to interact with fewer user interfaces, and that products will find them, rather than the other way around.


Security, Privacy and Regulations

CCT takes security, privacy and  policies very seriously. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) managing this is ISO 27001 certified. We have full GDPR compliance, data sharing and data processing agreements with all our clients.

There has been a lot of changes in the channels over the last few years, for example restrictions for housing and financial ads on the Meta platform in the US and in Europe, which all has been implemented into our technology platform without much performance impact for our clients.

We have both advanced technology and a dedicated team to monitor ad content to make sure it complies with channel policies and regulations.

Cutting-edge solution

CCT has been working on the development of its unique technology since 2011. The vision was to create a platform which, by using the internet as its distribution channel, would mathematically and programmatically be capable of reaching the right target group at the right time to deliver a unique message that maximizes customer engagement.

The real time reporting, provides a detailed overview and business value. The results are 100% transparent.

CCT is a Meta Business Partner in Advertising Technology & Agency Services, and a Google Partner.


Our customer success stories

Major international companies and brands across the globe have adopted the MDP solution and are experiencing measurable results such as reduced sales time, a increased interest and higher sales prices.

Some of customers have essentially gained control of their own distribution and rely less, if at all, on portals to sell cars and properties. Portals that currently have a good market position, are able to extend and retain these positions using MDP.

The biggest drivers of CCT success are the people who sell cars and properties using MDP.  MDP realises their two most important objectives: to achieve the best possible price and to sell as quickly as possible.


Industries and the CCT platform

CCT work in two verticals; Real Estate and Automotive. Regardless of if it’s a house for sale or a used car, it’s a unique sales object with a limited number of potential buyers. Up until now, the singular way to market these objects has been to passively list them on a website or portal and rely on the buyer to actively find the object.

The CCT Marketplace Distribution Platform (MDP) enables the real estate company, car dealership or specialised portal to actively find potential buyers on social media and search, instead of just listing the car or home and waiting for the potential buyer to find it themselves.

Through the MDP, the traditional approach is turned around – it’s designed so the object finds the potential buyer, through the channels they use on a daily basis.