Industries and the solution

Marketplace Distribution Platform (MDP) enables the real estate company, car dealerships or specialized portals to actively target potential buyers instead of just list the sales object and wait for the potential buyer to find it themselves.

Whether it’s a house for sale or a used car, it’s a unique sales object with a limited number of potential buyers. Up until now the singular way to market these objects have been by passively listing them on portals/web sites and wait until buyers find the sales objects.

With the use of MDP, this is turned around because the sales object finds the potential buyer on the channels they are using on a daily basis.


For CCT terms as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Lake, Augmented Analysis, Regression modelling and Iteration programming are very familiar and have been the core of our development for several years.

This puts the MDP at the cutting edge of what’s achievable in terms of precise targeting and real time business analytics. This has significant importance because today’s consumers have an expectation that commercial communication must be relevant, and if it is not, they regard it as junk or pollution.

Another relevant consumer trend in relation to the MDP is the consumers’ expectation of easier and better service, which in practice means that they want to interact with fewer user interfaces, and that products will find consumers, rather than the other way around.


The Marketplace Distribution Platform is offered in three different product solutions; SME, Enterprise and Portal. In addition, all three can be upgraded with the Marketing Toolbox that is customized with different programmatic marketing solutions for Real Estate and the Automotive Industry.

Programmatic targeting using real-time data is complex and relies on thousands of calculations every day during the campaign period. However, for our customers, it is easy to implement and use in practice.

The reporting, which is in real time, provides a detailed view of who is showing an interest, and the results are 100% transparent.

Cutting-edge solution

CCT has been working on the development of its unique technology since 2011. Our vision was to create a platform which, by using the Internet as its distribution channel, would mathematically and programmatically be capable of reaching the right target group at the right time and delivering a unique message.

We have achieved our first vision and built up cutting-edge technology in optimisation via the closed APIs which are the kernel of the major channels. Programmatically optimising algorithm-based advertising management systems is complex, because each one of them has so many variables and these change in real time.

For CCT, everything is about developing technology which has the highest possible probability of exposing the target group to something which is relevant to them. The channels register thousands of fingerprints based on users’ behaviour, which then enables our algorithms to calculate what is relevant to the target group, here and now. This is how our technology is able to reach unique target groups and deliver unique content.

Our customer success stories

Major international brands and chains in many countries have embraced the MDP solution and have noticed specific, measurable results such as reduced sales time, a massive increase in interest and higher sales prices.
Some of our customers have essentially gained control of their own distribution and rely less, if at all, on portals to sell their unique objects. Portals which currently have good market positions are able to extend and retain these positions using MDP.

The biggest drivers of CCT’s success are the people who sell the unique objects using MDP because MDP works to realise their most important objective: To achieve the best possible price and sell as quickly as possible.