CCT extends the agreement with PrivatMegleren



CCT extends the exclusive right PrivatMegleren has in Norway for its AI-based advertising technology that enables homes to find their way to potential buyers themselves.


The exclusivity has a duration of three years and is limited to the real estate market.


Selling housing faster

– This is state of the art technology that awakens “sleeping bears” in the housing market. Our measurements show that the technology reduces sales time by up to 30 per cent, says PrivatMegleren CEO Grethe W. Meier. Christian Overaa, CEO of CCT, points out that it was quite natural to give PrivatMegleren exclusivity for three new years.


An adventure was realized

– The PrivatMegleren was, in fact, the first real estate agency in the world to show interest and commit to our technology. It is now used by reputable real estate chains in other countries. Without the curiosity and innovative nature of PrivatMegleren, we might never have realized this adventure, says Overaa.


United Kingdom and Australia

Norway is now the smallest market for CCT. Now it is UK and Australia that are the dominant markets. However, the United States can quickly take a position as the biggest user the CCT technology. In addition to housing, CCT is also launching in the Automotive Industry.


Received as requested information

– Our solution gets consumers to buy a new home or a car earlier. The secret is not the ads themselves, but how the ads are programmatically targeted to reach potential buyers in the channels based upon real time behavior. Because of this the ads are relevant, and consumers look at the ads as requested information, says Overaa.