CCT has redefined the new marketplace

If you ask him the CEO of CCT what the technology has done for the leading Agencies, his answer is simple: It has re-invented the marketplace so properties can be sold even faster. Christian Overaa shares his insight.

In recent decades, global brands have spent billions on search engines in an effort to help consumers find them.

The smartest brands are contrarian

The smartest brands have figured out they need to do the opposite and to find customers themselves, says CEO of CCT, Christian Overaa. More and more estate agencies across the world are doing exactly that – using CCT to track down potential property buyers. The result is a faster turnover rate because responses increase when CCT itself identifies and engages potential buyers.


Estate agencies have been first-movers and now we see that the auto industry is also aiming to sharpening its focus, by utilizing CCT to activate new buyers. Spending large sums on dormant portals and search terms is a passive strategy used to try and reach customers. That’s why we use the phrase “Reinventing the marketplace” to emphasise our innovation and distance from traditional, passive strategies, the CCT chief continues.

Creating a desire to purchase

CCT has one aim: generating customer interest and desire to buy rather than waiting for this emerge by itself. CCT has revolutionised the property market.  Experience shows that people who aren’t actively house-hunting end up buying the majority of properties advertised using CCT.

Tracking behaviours

– This is possible because the technology only seeks out consumers who have exhibited an interest across various channels. Our adverts therefore appear as if the information that has been actively sought by the recipient, Overaa says.

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Latest update – July

CCT has seen an amazing period of growth in the UK and Ireland over the last six months.

Latest update – June

In June this year, CCT’s clients distributed 2 million intelligent real estate ads worldwide through its MDP platform.

Breaking news

Without women, the UK housing market would collaps. This is shown through statistics from CCT’s technology who is world leading in digital housing ads.

Latest update – May

In May this year, CCT reached a new record by producing 2.6 million intelligent real estate ads.

Revolutionary property advertising in Finland

CCT technology tracks down potential buyers across multiple channels, ensuring that vendors achieve maximum interest and the highest price possible.

Latest update – April

The number of digital ads distributed globally by CCT clients in April was 2,25 million ads

Record for intelligent advertisements

Norwegian company CCT Technology distributed 2,343,500 digital property advertisements in March

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India real estate pilot’s Norwegian ad technology

Finland here we come

CCT set to revolutionise the Finnish housing market

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