Record for intelligent advertisements


Norwegian company CCT distributed 2,343,500 digital property advertisements in March, which is setting a new record. Most intelligent advertisements were distributed in the UK.

This high-tech company based in Bergen is the world’s biggest producer of intelligent property advertisements, distributing almost 650,000 more in March compared to February. 

International estate agent chains
CCT services international estate agent chains with its unique solution, which finds its own way to potential property buyers via digital channels. One of the biggest customers is SpicerHaart in the UK, which has several sub-brands. SpicerHaart executive Paul Smith has previously described the solution as “an absolute game changer” to British media. 

Optimising every advertisement
“An active property buyer proactively finds his own way to homes for sale. But the biggest market is potential property buyers who are passive until they are actually presented with a property. Our technology “creeps up” on the recipient as a welcome contact,” says CEO Christian Overaa. 

This is achieved by constantly running thousands of algorithm analyses to identify the right target groups for each and every property presented. CCT optimises hundreds of different versions of the same advertisement in real time.

Ready for Finland
CCT will be entering the Finnish market in May. It takes about four months on average to sell a property in Finland. The CCT solution is expected to reduce sales time by about 30%. Only estate agents can offer the intelligent advertising to property vendors.

No exclusivity given
“This is a tool that activates property buyers, and therefore represents a competitive advantage. With the exception of Norway, we do not offer exclusivity deals, and from January 2020, the solution will generally be available to Norwegian estate agents,” says Overaa, who is himself the head of the American startup, running out of Los Angeles.

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AI-driven advertising has customers queuing up

“We tested AI-driven advertising with cars that hadn’t had much interest. Within just a couple of days, we went from just a few interested parties to a queue of potential buyers. It was quite an experience.”

The numbers speak for themselves!

Martin Fredsgaard Andersen is newly employed as Business Development Manager at CCT Technology in the Danish capital.

CCT extends the agreement with PrivatMegleren

CCT extends the exclusive right PrivatMegleren has in Norway for its AI-based advertising technology.

CCT UK launch partnership with FIA

This month CCT UK launched their partnership with the Federation of Independent Agents (FIA)

Breaking news

Without women, the UK housing market would collaps. This is shown through statistics from CCT’s technology who is world leading in digital housing ads.

Mumbai here we come

India real estate pilot’s Norwegian ad technology

Finland here we come

CCT set to revolutionise the Finnish housing market

Revolutionary property advertising in Finland

CCT technology tracks down potential buyers across multiple channels, ensuring that vendors achieve maximum interest and the highest price possible.

Our Window on the World

CCT Technology refines the way you sell your property. Now the largest real estate agencies in Scandinavia, the UK and USA use this solution. Finland and India will be the next countries to disrupt the market with the help of CCT Technology.

CCT has redefined the new marketplace

In recent decades, global brands have spent billions on search engines in an effort to help consumers can find them. – Now the smartest brands have figured out they need to do the opposite and to find customers themselves, says CEO of CCT, Christian Overaa.