Finland here we come 


CCT set to revolutionise the Finnish housing market
The Norwegian ad technology CCT, is launching in Finland this May. One of the unique selling points of CCT is the technology helps reduce the selling time of homes on the market and has done so in several countries.

In Norway, the number of days on the market dropped by 30 per cent after one of the country’s biggest real estate agencies began using CCT’s technology. 

CCT’s technology is used by the largest real estate agencies in Scandinavia, the UK and Australia, and is gearing up to fully launch in the US this spring. 

Unique technology
What makes CCT unique is the technology’s ability to find the potential buyers who are not actively looking for a home. It is this segment of “passive buyers” that makes up the biggest proportion of the market across all countries. 

High prices and quick sales

“On average, CCT generates 3-4 times more interest in a listing. It also works as a supplement to the traditional portals. For sellers, it’s essentially all about raising awareness and getting the highest possible price as soon as possible,” said Christian Overaa, CEO of CCT Technology. 

Fewer days on market

In Finland, it takes almost four months on average to sell a home. After one of the biggest real estate agencies in Norway (PrivatMegleren) began using CCT’s ad technology, they saw the time on market for listings drop by as much as 30 per cent. 

Activates passive buyers

“The reason this is possible is because our solution ‘flirts’ with all of those who aren’t actively looking for a home, but who fall under the target group of potential buyers. Thus, we activate passive consumers to become active home buyers. We have examples from Sweden where real estate agents have had tremendous success through using our solution,” said Overaa.

Biggest in the world

CCT expects to distribute around 2.5 million real estate ads in April, making it the global leader in intelligent advertising.  CCT head office is located in Norway. The technology is developed in Dublin (Ireland), whilst the company’s sales and marketing teams operate at the local level in each country.

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Latest update – April

The number of digital ads distributed globally by CCT clients in April was 2,25 million ads

Record for intelligent advertisements

Norwegian company CCT Technology distributed 2,343,500 digital property advertisements in March

Mumbai here we come

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Finland here we come

CCT set to revolutionise the Finnish housing market

Latest update – March

Latest update for March

Revolutionary property advertising in Finland

CCT technology tracks down potential buyers across multiple channels, ensuring that vendors achieve maximum interest and the highest price possible.

February Update – CCT partners with leading US Consultancy

This February saw CCT partner with T3 Sixty, a leading US real estate Consultancy.

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Our Window on the World

CCT Technology refines the way you sell your property. Now the largest real estate agencies in Scandinavia, the UK and USA use this solution. Finland and India will be the next countries to disrupt the market with the help of CCT Technology.

CCT has redefined the new marketplace

In recent decades, global brands have spent billions on search engines in an effort to help consumers can find them. – Now the smartest brands have figured out they need to do the opposite and to find customers themselves, says CEO of CCT Technology, Christian Overaa.