Mumbai here we come 


India real estate pilot’s Norwegian ad technology

The Indian real estate agency Anarock is currently piloting Norwegian ad technology to help sell even more flats in Mumbai.

“This is a great recognition of the value of our technology. India is known as one of the most technologically innovative places in the world,” said Christian Overaa, CEO of CCT Technology. 

 A sales promotion tool
Anarock is owned by a British-Indian group with extensive experience in property development and real estate brokerage. Anarock regards CCT’s technology as a powerful sales tool . 

 Phase 2 underway
“Anarock recently ran a small pilot on our technology and has now moved on to what we consider phase 2. During this period, Anarock’s real estate agents will familiarize themselves with the platform and technology and will be able to measure and compare traffic and results against other solutions,” explained Overaa. 

 ‘Luxury standard’
In the coming years, Anarock will be selling thousands of high end flats, perfect for international investment and targeted at the bespoke, luxury end of the market.

“There are some massive projects underway, and the goal is naturally to sell flats early in the pipeline; ideally as soon as they’re in the planning phase. In that regard, the market is very similar to the Norwegian one,” said Overaa.

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Mumbai here we come

India real estate pilot’s Norwegian ad technology

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