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CCT New Homes is a global market leading automated marketing technology (MarTech) based on artificial intelligence, with various modules for powerful advertising throughout the project life cycle of a development/new homes project.

All the advertising modules are connected to a user-friendly business intelligence module for advanced monitoring and analysis of performance in real time.

CCT New Homes consists of several CCT modules working together where the main objective is to activate all potential buyers and sell available properties/units as efficiently as possible.


CCT Branding is designed to initiate awareness and interest early in the project life cycle, helping secure consistent branding activities with optimal return on media budget. This unique technology is tailored to drive high volumes of both active and passive buyers into the project development landing pages. CCT Branding ensures that all the branding activities are compliant with our customers’ profiles and within channels’ policy guidelines and private policy guidelines.

CCT Sales plays an important role after CCT Branding has built up sufficient data to effectively target the different key audiences. This technology presents potential buyers with unique units and the objective is to start converting target audiences into a purchase mode.

CCT Leads is a powerful technology that drives and optimizes lead generation directly in the channels. The module utilizes data from CCT Sales for audience selection and enhanced targeting, thereby securing the best possible results in the channels.

CCT can create hundreds of ad variants for each campaign with different messaging and imagery to ensure that the different target audiences are served an ad that is most relevant to them based on their demographic and preferences for what they are looking for, helping to ensure a high level of quality leads are delivered directly to the selected inbox.


Using CCT New Homes throughout a project’s life cycle allows customers to secure optimal ROI and close to what’s theoretically possible to achieve in the channels.

The potential market is multiplied, and the technology also delivers relevant ads to potential property buyers who are not actively searching.

In most countries, this part of the market is between two and four times larger than those actively searching in real estate portals or directly on developers’ websites.

Hence, CCT New Homes maximises the likelihood of finding the right buyers, both active and passive, in the sales process.


The three main modules work in combination with variable spend allocation through the project life cycle.

Advertising through the project life cycle consists of a vast number of ad variants optimised based on AI and real time engagement data for every single campaign.

We are proud to offer the most efficient and advanced advertising solution to the Real Estate Industry.

CCT New homes is a smart way to use advertising to increase sales, grow your business, and importantly take control of your own data.


The CCT Business Intelligence module is an advanced reporting system for monitoring and analysis of performance in real time. All the modules in CCT New Homes are connected to this.

CCT Business Intelligence supports reporting at all levels of the organisation, from a single campaign to overall aggregated reports for the whole company.

Data from all campaigns and activity can be extracted or transferred to other platforms for further use or enrichment. All key KPI’s are available in real time in the CCT Dashboard for each campaign.


By using CCT New Homes throughout, or during parts of the sales cycle for new homes projects, our clients increase the marketing reach in a very cost-effective way which in turn results in more qualified leads and sales.

CCT’s AI and technology ensures that every click or engagement from a campaign is used to continually optimise ongoing and future campaigns, and all data from every campaign run by CCT is owned by you as a client.

CCT New Homes is the most effective and smartest way to find and engage the right buyers at the right time with the right message. Contact us today to set up a meeting to learn more about how CCT can help you improve your sales and marketing.


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