Sebastian aiming to maximise car sales in 2020



Sebastian Haraldseid (29) could become the golden boy of Norwegian car dealers when he starts working for CCT in January with one sole aim in mind: to get the man in the street to buy a car sooner than he’d planned to. 


CCT allows Norwegian car dealers to use what are known as intelligent adverts, which actually track down potential car buyers.

Speeds up sales

For the last few years, one of the country’s biggest estate agents has had industry exclusivity on the technology, which has reduced the time it takes to sell a property by up to 30 per cent. In the UK, CCT has also been allowing car dealers to use the tool, which has significantly speeded up sales. 

Experienced car salesman

Sebastian Haraldseid’s background is in car sales, and he is looking forward to starting work as a business developer. 

“CCT’s technology is something that no one else has. It is so accurate and targeted that it only seeks out consumers who are defined as having an interest in the relevant cars. Our system prioritises second-hand cars which have just arrived at the dealers. These are cars which it is important to get out onto the market, because they have a positive effect on sales of new cars”, says the 29 year old. 

The big money is in passive consumers

He goes on to explain that the CCT technology is not designed for people who are actually looking for a car.

“We want to reach the biggest buyer group, which is all those people who are not currently on the lookout for a car. It has been incontrovertibly demonstrated by the housing market that the biggest group of buyers are not looking for a new home until they are presented with one that captures their interest. The big money is in the passive consumers, because they are not looking for something in particular, but can easily be tempted if they are presented with something that they feel is interesting”, said Haraldseid. 


Car trade is nationwide

He points out that it costs dealers money to have cars sitting unsold on their forecourt. 
“The tool generates enormous savings, but also enormous profits because the technology streamlines sales logistics. Selling cars is no longer just a local activity. This will allow us to activate passive consumers all over the country”, says Haraldseid.