Monthly report – January


Real Estate is driving the future of Intelligent advertising

CCT’s Real Estate clients distributed nearly

2 million unique Ads worldwide through its MDP platform in January. This saw an increase of 35% compared to December 2018. The Real Estate Industry is more than any others using intelligent advertising to drive engagement and to reach potential buyers.

Traditionally, the Real Estate Ad is a sleeping ad which needs to be found by the buyer. CCT’s Intelligent Ads are active 24/7, and are detecting and targeting buyers all by themselves. CCT is a world leading company in Intelligent advertising.

CEO at SpicerHaart, Paul Smith, has used CCT technology for nearly two years and is thrilled with the results. He describes the solution as “It’s an absolute game changer”.

Industries are waking up

“Our intelligent Ads find the buyer, not the other way around, which is the future of all advertising. All industries have to wake up and adapt to the future consumers expectations. Generation Z are early stage consumers and within a few years they will represent a large percentage of the total consumer market”, says CCT CEO Christian Overaa.

CCT’s Intelligent advertising differs from traditional advertising because advanced programs are using Artificial Intelligence for Ad targeting, in order to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The optimization happens continually based on the real time behavior of the target audience.

The new way of intelligent advertising

The Marketplace Distribution Platform (MDP) is CCT’s own proprietary technology that is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize Ads. The platform delivers metrics up to 100 times better than what other available solutions in the market achieves. CCT is pioneering a completely new way of intelligent advertising.

The main objective is to find the potential house buyer with the right offering at the right time. Leading Real Estate Companies are using the MDP technology to distribute properties for sale, resulting in millions of unique Ads. Every single one of these Ads collects multiple information points that is processed to improve the targeting. In January 2019 the MDP produced and optimised 1,95 million unique Ads.


Last update

This January, CCT has partnered with Savills, one of world’s leading property agents, to roll out the MDP platform across the UK. Savills employs more than 35,000 people across 60 countries.

About CCT

Scandinavian technology company CCT developed its own world leading proprietarytechnology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimise Ads, specifically for the Real Estate and Auto-motive industry. The CCT development team is made up of the best experts in the field from 20 different nationalities. During this early stage of its international roll-out, CCT has offices in 8 different countries and are delivering services in more than 20 countries.

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Latest update – June

In June this year, CCT’s clients distributed 2 million intelligent real estate ads worldwide through its MDP platform.

Breaking news

Without women, the UK housing market would collaps. This is shown through statistics from CCT’s technology who is world leading in digital housing ads.

Latest update – May

In May this year, CCT reached a new record by producing 2.6 million intelligent real estate ads.

Revolutionary property advertising in Finland

CCT technology tracks down potential buyers across multiple channels, ensuring that vendors achieve maximum interest and the highest price possible.

Latest update – April

The number of digital ads distributed globally by CCT clients in April was 2,25 million ads

Record for intelligent advertisements

Norwegian company CCT Technology distributed 2,343,500 digital property advertisements in March

Mumbai here we come

India real estate pilot’s Norwegian ad technology

Finland here we come

CCT set to revolutionise the Finnish housing market

Latest update – March

Latest update for March

Revolutionary property advertising in Finland

CCT technology tracks down potential buyers across multiple channels, ensuring that vendors achieve maximum interest and the highest price possible.