Latest update – October



This month CCT’s clients distributed 2,5 million intelligent ads worldwide through its MDP platform.

On October 1st, a large number of Swedish Volvo dealers started using CCT. Altogether, Volvo will be marketing thousands of used as well as new cars via the tool.

Volvo has with CCT a powerful complement to traditional marketing – where potential buyers mainly search for vehicles in car portals or on car dealers’ sites.

Instead, CCT identifies and reaches both the buyers not actively searching as well as the active ones. With the help of world-leading MI and AI technology, the car ads searches for the potential buyer and appears in their digital channels.

All in all, the car dealer’s target group increases by 250-350% compared to traditional marketing.
CCT has also developed and adapted the tool according to the needs of the automotive industry. For example, car dealers can book several car campaigns quickly and easily. In fact, it is as quick to book a campaign for one as for thirty cars.