Latest update – May



Through CCT’s solution for intelligent advertising the customers in 4 continents are experiencing 2-4 times more traffic and up to 30% reduced sales time. CCT is in the very front of this revolution globally. In May this year, CCT reached a new record by producing 2.6 million intelligent real estate ads.

CCT and NEWST in an exclusive partnership
CCT and NEWST, a Swedish Portal for commercial property, are launching an exciting exclusive partnership. CCT will work with NEWST to expand and drive their current product offering for clients. is a leading Swedish marketplace for vacant premises that brings together landlords with tenants in the commercial real estate market. Set up by 15 of the industry’s most important property consultants and owners. Newst was created by the industry, for the industry, with tenant experience as the focus.
Through collaboration with CCT Newst’s customers will have access to world leading technology for real estate marketing. The technology finds and attracts new clients and tenants in an innovative way compared to traditional real estate marketing and marketplaces. CCT uses cutting edge, effective Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology – developed by CCT. The unique technology detects and targets the most relevant audience for every specific property or site, based on the real time data and digital behavior footprints from the target audience. The technology will target the potential tenants and landlords that are likely to buy or rent that specific space. CCT is used by multiple market leading real estate companies around the world, spanning 20 international markets.
Current clients
Raine & Horne, one of Australia’s most recognized real estate companies has renewed their long-term contract with CCT,
we greatly look forward to continuing the partnership.