Latest update – June



In June this year, CCT’s clients distributed 2 million intelligent real estate ads worldwide through its MDP platform.
CCT and Volvo has furthered their partnership
Volvo Sweden has adopted CCT technology with excellent results over the past two years, according to Volvo evaluation.
Volvo is using CCT to market both used and new cars, reaching a larger audience that has more potential buyers, compared to
traditional automotive marketing, that places a heavy emphasis on using car portals. In fact, Volvo sells used cars up to 35% faster
using CCT, compared to without CCT. This effect is because of the advanced CCT technology, based on ML and AI that identifies the most relevant target audience for each specific car. The technology targets those people with up to 70 different ad versions for each car, each of which is produced automatically by CCT. After this summer, 15 Volvo dealers in Sweden will start using CCT. CCT expect them to use the platform on more than 50% of their used cars.
Huge interest in CCT within the Finnish market
CCT was introduced in Finland in May 2019 and in 2 months, has already gained great interest from all three of CCT’s verticals: Real Estate, Automotive and Recruitment. Volvo was the first client, followed by several real estate chains to start using CCT technology this summer. Most Finnish companies have been contacting CCT since hearing of the launch through word to word recommendations real estate agents in neighboring countries. Besides real estate chains, there are currently several developing companies in the onboarding phase, withtheir first campaigns ready to start in early August.