Latest update – CCT partners with leading US Consultancy



This February saw CCT partner with T3 Sixty, a leading US real estate Consultancy. The relationship will see T3 Sixty support and assist the wider CCT launch in the US. T3 Sixty has long been established as the Real Estate industry’s intellectual bedrock through their objective, in-depth research and analysis.

CCT have been active in the US for a short while and now have a strong foundation in the real estate market. The partnership with T3 Sixty and their unwavering commitment to the residential industry, will help build on the foundation in place and strengthen CCT’s position in the market.

Christian Overaa, CCT CEO comments: “We are looking forward to developing the partnership with T3 Sixty and with Travis Saxton which are instrumental in the team we are working with. They have the integrity that is crucial in a very busy space. The markets are swarming with low end products that we neither want or will be mistaken for. Our technology is very sophisticated, and we are filled with big anticipations in launching this on a bigger scale in the US market. We’ve already made a lot of traction together with T3 Sixty and the future for this collaboration looks bright.”

T3 Sixty, founded by Stefan Swanepoel, is an established and proven team of management consultants and industry leaders, that provide expert guidance, research and analysis for the largest real estate franchises in the world. Other clients include, large brokerage companies, high-growth teams, the largest MLS organisations, and Realtor associations on national, state and local levels.

Most relevantly, T3 Sixty partner with a select number of high-growth Technology companies, who offer Real Estate client’s innovative ways to grow, defend market share and enter new marketplaces. It is here, that CCT’s Market Distribution Platform (MDP) stood out.

The MDP is CCT’s proprietary technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to optimise and manage intelligent ad targeting on behalf of clients. The technology is designed to match the property to the buyer, rather than relying on a potential buyer to find their home, through traditional means. The MDP activates the sought after ‘active market’, as well the elusive ‘passive market’, increasing the potential audience size up to 2.6 x. The platform delivers metrics up to 100 x better than other available solutions in the market. In January alone, CCT’s Real Estate client’s distributed nearly 2 million unique ads worldwide through the MDP.

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February Update – CCT partners with leading US Consultancy

This February saw CCT partner with T3 Sixty, a leading US real estate Consultancy.

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CCT Technology refines the way you sell your property. Now the largest real estate agencies in Scandinavia, the UK and USA use this solution. Finland and India will be the next countries to disrupt the market with the help of CCT Technology.

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In recent decades, global brands have spent billions on search engines in an effort to help consumers can find them. – Now the smartest brands have figured out they need to do the opposite and to find customers themselves, says CEO of CCT Technology, Christian Overaa.

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CCT Technology’s IT experts were greatly inspired by Amazon and Amazon Web Services. Because the American IT behemoth focuses more than anyone else on innovation and AI. Chief Technology Officer, Ronny Kvalvågnes and Head of Development, Vinicius Kienen recently participated in one of the world’s major IT conferences, AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

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